One day I was working with couples from all over the world looking to get married in glam destinations in faraway places large weddings, many guests and many activities to plan.


A few hours of sleep later.  I woke up seemingly in  a different world, it seemed most of us were now "grounded" My phone began ringing early with clients realizing they would need to cancel or postpone their wedding.  Many having been planning for a year or more.


Hearing their disappointment..


I began to visualize their weddings for them, some of whom were paralyzed by the delay in the wedding they had spent months or years planning.

With just a bit of creativity and and their  openness to a  change, we are creating a new vision, for a wedding, for now an elegant wedding  Au Deux, and gatherings compliant with current and ever changing state laws.

Don't let the quarantine delay your happily every after.  

Practicing social distancing it's still possible.  ​​​

Let's rethink your wedding plans for now and  for later when you can celebrate with an intimate group of 200 guests or an intimate wedding in an exotic faraway location.

Treat yourself, allow me to help you navigate your wedding in our new normal

Your days are stressful, wedding plans disrupted.  Lets get your wedding on track relax and enjoy the planning with me in the drivers seat... have been navigating nuptials for many years and have embraced the challenge of planning weddings in destinations for the first time... making me uniquely qualified to navigate the new normal weddings with ease... 

Love is patient

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Our Clients!

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