5 Things to Include In Welcome Gift for Destination Wedding Guests

I have decided to share a coveted list with my faithful readers, so anyone who does not read our blog faithfully I regret that you will not be able to read this post.  🙂

It seems the posts that discuss ideas for welcome gifts for destination wedding guests are some of our most read posts.

We have a list, a definitive list if you will .. of things to include in a destination wedding guests welcome “bag”

Our clients are privy to such a list in full, one of the many perks of working with a destination wedding coordinator.

So not wanting to share all of our secrets in one post.. we will reveal 5 things to include in your destination welcome bag.

1  Custom Koozies

Custom Koozie

2.)  Hand painted map

Hand Painted Destination Map

3.) Frisbee


4.)  Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards

5. )  Bubble Bath Confetti

Bubble Bath Confetti

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