First Ladies, First 100 Days Impact on Fashion and Destination Weddings

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Regardless your personal political affliation you have to admit the first family has “it” when it comes to style with Michelle leading the way.   If the first 100 days are any indication we are about to embark on a period which will be signifigant historically for years to come in fashion.   Michelle Obama our fearless first lady is paving the way to an elegance not seen in many years, I am the same age as the Obama’s and I too can remember an elegance a certain pride that came from dressing like a lady, we have not seen in many many years and it seemed the icons were past and here she is to renew our faithin all things feminine yet attainable, she just gets it!

So what do I meant that her style will impact destination weddings, I think we can already see some examples from the vibrant color of her inaguguration suit to the little black dresses she has been seen in the great patterns she carries off, we are seeing these translated into bridal fashion.   Whether it is knowing that it is ok to break with tradtion when it comes to color, I have had clients wear black on the beach, is this traditional no, is wearing vibrant colors in January traditonal no, I have also noticed this spring that Michelle Obama has been dressing in jewel tones, more traditonal for the fall, so it is wonderful to see her embrace and wear with confidence whatever color suits her fancy, that is faboulous and something that you should keep in mind for your own wedding.    The one shoulder gown she wore to the inagural balls was specatuclar and you can see that style in many wedding gowns, which would be a fab style for a destination wedding.

It will be fun to see her style evolve and see how designers interpert her style for bridal fashions.  

Who inspires your sense of style?

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