For Your Bridesmaids and the Other Important Gals in Your Wedding

Embroidered Bridal Party Bathrobe

In all likelihood those that are your bridesmaids have been through an awful lot of life with you to earn their most esteemed position in your bridal party..not to mention all that you have put them through since accepting your fiance’s proposal.. that said shouldn’t you treat them to something special? I feel if you are having a destination wedding the bar is just a wee bit higher for you to really hook up those guys and gals that stand with you on one of the biggest days of your lives in some tropical/exotic location … that said I have assembled what I am sure will be the first of many posts on gifts for your best girls the women who form the coalliton that is your bridal party! No worries I am sensitive to the times that we are living in and many are recession friendly even for a recessionista.. a few a splurges but.. after all if you are in a position to support the economony and treat your friends we salute you too!


Custom Created Foot Jewelery by LadyBead

Personalized Resort Bag

Personalized Flip Flops Perfect For Destination Weddings

Ultimate In A Thoughtful Gift

Citrine Quartz Briolettes

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