Friday Destination Wedding Signature Cocktail Day

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Dear loyal followers (not sure there are any.. in case) as you know I have decided to do the blog a day challenge.    In effort to acheive my goal I think it is beneficial to have certain days of the week that have a set topic, on Tuesday thanks to Destination Wedding Shoes Day we have a blog post ready about shoes.   Had thought that Fridays should be Vintage Fridays.. have rethought.. why you ask?  

Fridays should be about embracing not only your destination wedding planning, but about celebrating the weekend, hence the inspriration for the switch in theme.  

Vintage Happy Hour Sign, from SG Studios

Drum roll (please)….  Friday is now Signature Cocktail Fridays!!!

That is correct, start your weekend with us, we will give you some incentive to focus on the details of your destination wedding, a new recipe to try with anticipation, that this weeks cocktail, is the one, much like you felt when you met your partner that first time, you just knew they were the one.

For the first ever Destination Wedding Signature Cocktail Day, Cocktail, we think it fitting that it is, Coming up Roses!  Great recipe from (they have awesome recipes!)

Share what you will be serving as your Signature Cocktail at your Destination Wedding?   Not getting married but love our blog.. share your recipes!

TGIF to all!

Coming Up Roses Cocktail, from

Coming Up Roses 3 slices lime  3 rose petals  1/2 oz. rose syrup  5 drops of rose water  2 oz. Bacardi Razz  2 oz. Moët & Chandon White Star 

Put the first four ingredients in a mixing glass, then muddle them. Pour the Moët & Chandon in a highball. Add Bacardi Razz and ice

#SignatureCocktailforDestinationWedding #SignatureCocktailRecipeforDestinationWeddings

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