Ideas For Destination Wedding Guest Gift “Bags”

Great lightweight addtion to guests welcome bags

Ok.. so now you have selected the perfect vessel to put your guests gifts in.. lookin good… do you just give them the empty welcome gift bag???   No you get inspired, that is right step up and select things to fill the welcome bags with things guests may find useful, fun, personal, etc. etc..  there is no rule as to what you should put in the welcome bag.  

If your destination wedding plans will be taking you on a airplane you must be thinking of how you are going to get the welcome bags and the items to fill them to your destination wedding.    The first thought most have is to have their items shipped to their destination… in my opinion this is generally not the way to go..  Why?   If you are getting married out of the country it is likely that your guests favors will have to go through the countries customs, which creates problems in several ways.. you must be sure that you comply with the requirments and detailed shipping invoices to be sure that your gifts are allowed entry into the country.    In most cases your item going through customs will make your gifts trip to the resort more lengthy then you would think and is subject to being opened, so if you are lucky enough to find that your items arrive at your resort having survived the shipping process you may find that they have been handled and are not in the condition you were expecting..   What’s a couple to do?   

My suggestion is look for things which are small and will fit into your suitcase or a carry on designated to wedding items… with some creativity it is possible to find things which are lightweight and pack easily which will delight your guests.   

The most important thing to include in your guests welcome is a sincere thank you from you for their making the special trip to be with you on your special day, that is the greatest gift of all.

The items in this post would all make for wonderful gifts to include in your guests welcome gift bag.

No worries if you are thinking this sounds like a lot of work.. I have other suggestions for gifts and memories to create to show your guests how happy you are they are there with you to celebrate… but you will have to come back another day for that.

Please share and let us know what you have found for your guests welcome bag/gift.

Great Way To Help Guests Unwind and Relax

Sew In Love ~ thoughtfully included in guests favors

Perfect Mix For In Room Liqour Dispenser

Perfect Little Lip Balm w/ SPF

Let the Good Times Roll at Your Destination Wedding

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