Something Wonderful, Inexpenisve and Super Meaningul For Destination Weddings ~ Blessing Stones

Blessing Stone Ceremony ~ Making a wish

In the past, I have been asked if there is way to include everyone in the ceremony. I would like to suggest a wonderful ritual for you.  The officiant asks if there is anyone who wishes to speak in support of the marriage, to bless the marriage.  This is done towards the beginning of the ceremony, after the introduction.  The bride and groom can ask specific people in advance if they would like to speak.  Of course, others may wish to get up and speak spontaneously, which is very nice.  Usually, only a few will speak spontaneously, but because the officiant asked, everyone feels included, that they had the opportunity.

Sometimes there is special person, who is not part of the bridal party but you want to include them in some way.  The person or people feel honored that they were asked.  It is different than the toasts at the reception and when one has the opportunity to speak from the heart it can be a very moving contribution to the ceremony

The Blessing Stones

Elegant Presentation of a Blessing Shell

Great Way To Explain Blessing Stones To Guests

When a wedding is outside and near water, Blessing or Wishing stones are either gathered at the site or provided by the couple not only for themselves but for the wedding party and guests as well. After the ceremony all follow the bride and groom’s recessional to the water, make a wish or blessing for them and cast their stone into the water.

Glass Blessing Stones

Basic Wording For Blessing Stones

 The ripples that are made represent the love and good wishes for not only the couple, but for all the world… as our ripples cross and re-cross one another’s, so do our love and good wishes touch and retouch all around us and those with whom we come into contact.

Making Your Own Blessing Stones

I advocate doing only those DIY projects which are realistic to undertake and will not frustrate.. making blessing stones for your destination wedding is a great DIY project.. as it is really easy to do and you will save a good bit of money and you will feel great having added to such a special part of your wedding. 


Flat Glass Marbles

Flat Glass Marbles

Paint Pen

Paint Pen

Small mesh drawstring bags for presentation to guests

Mesh Drawstring Bag

To make the blessing stone you will write/paint a word,  mongram ,wedding date etc..  on the flat glass marble.. that is it.. you can see why this is a favorite DIY project.

Have fun and your guests are sure to be impressed by this very touching addition to your wedding.

 My clients will generally give each guest two blessing stones one for them to cast into the water after making a wish and the second for them to bring home as a reminder of the special blessing shared at your wedding.

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