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It has been a while since I have posted vintage inspiration for your destination wedding.   Those of you who like me love all things vintage and trying to think of ways to incorporate vintage elements into your destination wedding, this post is for you.

Vintage Japanese Floats

A wonderful way to decorate your destination wedding reception with vintage flair use vintage glass floats  with love these whether in bowls or combined with shells and flowers, on their own … on and on… many uses.  Vintage Japanese floats are relatively inexpensive and readily available, there is a shop on Etsy, Glass Float Junkie Honestly I can see how someone can have an entire store dedicated to glass floats and become a glass float junkie.   Wonderful design options with glass floats… let your imagination go.

Vintage Bamboo Basket Bowl

A great find for a destination wedding the vintage bamboo basket bowl.   My quick thoughts on how to use this for a vintage vibe for your destination wedding well endless possibilities, it could be used during the ceremony for a unique  basket for a older child to use as a flower basket.   Love this for your reception as a serving piece or a container for a flower or tropical foliage.  Found this basket at  the Etsy shop,Sweet Graffiti found many items that could be used for a destination wedding.

Shell Bowls and Plates

Love these vintage shell bowls.. hard to believe they are from the 80s they look more like the  50’s to me.   Endless ideas for these bowls.   I am thinking down the table a long imperial style table with tropical orchids.   These bowls are from another Etsy shop, Gaelianna  filled with a eclectic selection of vintage items for your destination wedding.

This post is full of items which may be one of a kind in terms of ease of finding the exact same thing.

So why did I show you?  If you let your imagination go when scouring vintage shops whether online or in person you will find many such items.

By getting in the  habit of regularly visiting  thrift shops, antique shops etc. armed with your imagination you will find many  unique items that will look great at your destination wedding and you will save lots of money in the process of having fun.

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