When Destination Wedding Planning Gives You Lemonade…

When wedding planning gives you lemons

Lemon Inspired Bouquet

What do they say… reality sucks… not me I am a more of lets make lemonade kind of gal…  What does any of this have to do with destination weddings?

 Perhaps you have been dreaming of your wedding since you had your first Barbie (like me) and it has always had lots of flowers you in fact were surrounded by various exotic flowers, things like peonies, lilacs, tulips,  calla lily etc… and you have just been told by your very straightfoward no nonsense kind of wedding planner… that it is expenive… very expensive… flowers need to be imported… go through customs and in the end may not make it and if they do may not look anything like you hoped…

That is when I say no… and remember that lemons are sour only until the sugar and ice are added and a treat is born…

Consider something different… let someone else worry about flowers you are now thinking like the lemonade maker (destination wedding coordinator) you are looking at your options you see crystals, seashells,  water, sand and yes even feathers as possible ways to dazzle your guests.

Uninteded Moral of the blog… working with a destination weddding planner takes the sour out of wedding planning and allows you to enjoy the lemonade!

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